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I am transforming homes with the magic of plants…

When life hands one lemons, sometimes you can make the most amazing lemonade! There is no doubt that 2020 has been one uniquely challenging year, mentally and emotionally. In a world where a lot has changed in only a few months, with so much uncertainty going on, I decided to start a new venture based on something that I dearly love and feel passionate about.

Since we moved into our own place, I became obsessed with the wonder of plants and the different ways to display them in order to create a touch of splendour to any living space, no matter the size.

Thus the concept of “Wall Spaces” was born. It is all about creating a warm, welcoming and comfy feel to the walls of your home.

We design wall planters for your blooms. Our designs are simple, but impressive, creating the perfect look for your greenery ?

Upgrade your wall decor with these easy-to-hang steel planters which are for indoor or outdoor use. They are coated with an anti-rust spray. Drainage holes can be drilled at the bottom to ensure that your roots do not sit in water. Try them! They are unique, beautiful and practical!

Door to Door Delivery? Yes
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Zandré Ferreira

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