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The VENOMISTIANS are a group of social runners and cyclists who have been inspired to create a range of personal outdoor protection and lifestyle products.

Passionate about the outdoors, their first mission was to design a product that would be effective and functional during any outdoor activity. Most people who have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors want to do so without the irrational fear of an opportunistic attack.

VENOMIST outdoor protection pepper spray products contain a blended super knockdown formula! The active ingredient in the pepper spray is a potent extract of Habanero Peppers. VENOMIST outdoor protection pepper spray products will control any attacker, up to 3 meters away, by seriously affecting their mucous membranes, burning their skin and their eyes, thus physically preventing them from further aggressive activity. VENOMIST outdoor protection pepper spray products will render any attacker powerless for up to 30 minutes with no permanent after effects.

Our VENOMISSION is to put the power in your hands so you that you may enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.

Any Current Specials? 10% discount on all product until the end of October: spray including upper arm strap, bicycle fitting and wrist wrap usual price R295. Hand strap R195. All straps include the spray!
Door to Door Delivery? Yes, in Somerset West.
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