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The Marvellous Mrs Osborne is a family-run business in Gordon’s Bay offering delectable, homemade sauces.

At The Marvellous Mrs Osborne, you can find the best and most delectable sauces ever! All our sauces are inspired by personal experience and come through long family traditions and references.

Zelda Osborne, the dynamic woman and creator behind The Marvellous Mrs Osborne, is well known for her delicious cooking. She loves experimenting with new recipes and salads to the delight of her family and friends.

Family traditions and references, all standing the test of time, inspire her sauces. Now she has decided to share these sauces and products with the local community.

Our traditionally passed down recipes will have your mouth watering for more!

Door to Door Delivery? Yes, we do deliver, please contact for more information.
A platter with olives, cold meats, fruit, nuts, The Marvellous Mrs Osborne sauces


Zelda Osborne

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