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Supreme Health is a speciality health shop and natural health practice in Somerset West.

Heleen Page, a herbalist and health practitioner, founded Supreme Health in Durban in 1999. The two branches of her company, Health World Kloof and Supreme Health Somerset West, have been operating successfully for 16 years.

Nicole joined her mom Heleen in the business 10 years ago as a quantum practitioner.

We offer the following treatments:

  • Quantum resonance detection scans
  • Life blood analyses
  • Rife treatments
  • EMS
  • Detox treatments


We also offer supplementation guidance.

A quantum scan is an accurate, non-invasive way to pinpoint your health status without having any blood tests done, making it non-invasive.

Rife, detox, and EMS treatments can assist your health and healing process.

Supreme Health has been developed to provide people of all walks of life with the correct, healthy, most nutritive products and services to assist their bodies daily with all the nutrients needed.

The correct diagnoses are as vitally important as the correct supplementation or dietary recommendation. We are non-negotiable on this.

Supreme Health stands out from other nutritional supplements because of its use of unique ingredients combining herbal and ayurvedic remedies, therefore, allowing greater healing potential.

Knowing exactly what your body needs and giving it makes for a fast effective healing journey.

Our clients become our family and their families become our clients.

Address: Shop 4, Chelsea Village, 6 Bright Street, Somerset West.

Any Current Specials? 50% Discount on second person's scan if booking for 2 people.
Door to Door Delivery? Yes
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