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Scholtz Custom Made Leather is a small business in Somerset West creating unique leather products that connect with you on a personal level.

A few examples of our products include Bible covers, eyeglass cases, shoes, toiletry bags, travel cases, and wallets.

I make every single order is from scratch especially for you. Everything is handstitched using only 100% natural leather.

Typically, leather shows the imperfections that were naturally on the animal’s skin, like scars and so on. These scars should not be seen as imperfections, as each mark tells a story. This is what makes leather a unique and beautiful medium.

Moreover, no two leather products look or age the same, and colours will sometimes vary. With some use and over time leather ages and becomes supple, this is called patina.

My work speaks for itself, each product is a work of art and made with so much heart and soul.

Good things take time, so please keep this in mind. One item can take up to 48 hours of stitching.

To order, contact me with a detailed description of what you have in mind. You can also send me a picture of your idea.

Leather sunglass case handstitched by Scholtz Custom Made Leather


Mandi Scholtz

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