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We are an online home decor shop in Somerset West providing you with hip, unique and beautifully curated decor pieces. We sell baskets, scatter cushions, throws, and more.

But more than that, is our heart to create income opportunities for those that need it most.

Scat Cat Co partners almost 100% with local artisans and training centres, who aims to uplift and empower our surrounding communities, not only through job creation but also through development programmes.

We need to make a major shift from buying cheap, mass produced goods to buying better quality, locally made goods. By doing this, we push money back into our own communities. Plus, we receive products that will last longer than just a month or two.

This shift means that we move into a future where we not only uplift our own precious country, but also look after our environment in a sustainable way.

So, by supporting us at ScatCat.co, you are doing way more than just buying something pretty for yourself.

Door to Door Delivery? As most of our products are hand-made to order, we deliver within approximately 2 weeks of your order. Free delivery for orders over R600.
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