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My Family Practice is a psychology practice in Somerset West owned by René Pfaff.

Our psychologists assist clients to gain insight into themselves and others. We work together with our clients to work through and eliminate barriers and self-limiting beliefs in order for each individual and family to become the successful and happy people that they were all meant to be.

The aim in therapy is to assist others to change self-destructive behaviours and habits, build skills, work through painful emotions, and improve overall quality of life and relationships.

We offer a confidential, safe and supportive environment where each person can talk openly and freely while receiving individualised guidance towards recovery and change.

We work regularly to assist couples, families and teams to improve communication, resolve conflicts and address trust issues to thereby create more positive and meaningful future interaction between all parties involved.

“I have a passion for unleashing each unique individual’s full potential whilst allowing them to fully enjoy and cherish all aspects of the gift called “life”. 
– René Pfaff

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