Montgomery and Miller Academy

Private School in Somerset West

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Montgomery and Miller Academy is a private school in Somerset West teaching students from Grade 6-12. We offer a school curriculum at the highest academic standard and promote the intellectual, social, and personal development of our students.

We seek to help students develop the education and life skills they need to succeed in the modern age.

In today’s competitive environment, a secondary school education that focuses only on cognitive development no longer suffices.

This is why we coach our learners to develop an extensive set of character skills and practical life skills. We believe this will set them apart from the crowd!

We pride ourselves in teaching excellence, directing student focus, and encouraging students in subject engagement.

Our students are encouraged to take a genuine interest in the course material through small interactive classes which enable more specialized focus to be placed on the individual students.

Address: 40 St James Street, Audas Estate, Somerset West.

Group of Montgomery & Miller Academy students


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VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://mm.academy/

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