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Milkybay, previously known as Milkshake on the Corner, is a milkshake shop in Strand that serves a variety of milkshakes, from classic Vanilla to Chocolate and Cherry.

We started our milkshake shop in 2020 upon realizing that there is a demand for high quality milkshakes and deserts in the Helderberg.

Our menu boasts 24 milkshakes and we regularly offer new, limited-edition shakes.

Even though we had a humble and slow beginning, our shop soon caught on, and people embraced the fact that we do PROPER shakes.

These days, business is going so well that we are expanding our current store and changing up our offerings within the month of April!

You can find us at 86 Beach Road, Strand.

Any Current Specials? On Sundays and Wednesdays, get any 2 shakes for R40.
Door to Door Delivery? Yes
A row of milkshakes on display at Milkshake on the Corner


Leon van den Berg

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