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Kioo Jewellery is a online jewellery store in Strand that sells affordable, high-quality, and timeless jewellery for everyday use and special occasions.

The versatile jewellery pieces are specially selected by myself, Anita Nieuwoudt. My online jewellery store offers you the convenience of perusing a sophisticated collection in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

At Kioo, we cater to young and old. We sell everyday, special occasion, and kids’ jewellery.

Be inspired, let yourself be tempted by Kioo Jewellery and treat yourself or a loved one to a timeless pleasure. Visit our online store to shop our collection.

Door to Door Delivery? Yes, I use PUDO for local deliveries. If you are in Strand/Somerset West/ Gordonsbay please send me a whatsapp for our no delivery fee option.


Anita Nieuwoudt

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VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://kioo.co.za/

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