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Iphepha for Pupils is an independent, registered non-profit organisation in Somerset West that operates without government funding. It is entirely dependent on donations, contributions and aid from local businesses, institutions, foundations and individuals. Work is done by volunteers and all funds donated or generated go towards relieving the burden of worried and concerned parents and pupils.

Iphepha, the Zulu word for paper, is the brainchild of well-known and respected Somerset West based psychologist, Heloise Breytenbach-Uys. It came under her attention that the dire need for essential stationery is critical in some communities, to such an extent that children were unable to continue their schooling due to a lack of proper or sufficient stationery tools. The current estimated projected budget for a learner’s stationery supplies is approximately R600 per annum.

The charity is in need of financial contributions or stationery contributions. Stationery contributions can be in the form of new or used stationery. Used stationery are cleaned and packed by volunteers and distributed to those in need.

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