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Halli Trust is a non-profit organization that stands in the gap for our precious Helderberg community through education.

The Naude family established Halli Trust in September 2010 when our father passed away and left us with an inheritance. Martin Naude, founder of Halli Trust, was inspired and with a grateful heart suggested that they start an NPO.

Our intention was to make a difference in lives by moving hearts and changing lives forever.

Our vision is to have Halli Trust become a self-sustaining NPO with the ability to spread its wings both across and beyond the Helderberg region. To have an outcome to measure and observe the change, impact people can make in their communities and their lives.

Educational involvement

Halli, our cool mascot, is an Akita Japanese dog. He is a fun and loving mascot. Halli assists us with various educational talks on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Through our educational talks, we want to leave seeds of knowledge in children’s minds that educators and parents can further develop.

Community involvement

We assess clients at their homes in the Helderberg community to establish the context of their circumstances. We determine the immediate need, to enable us to plan our assistance to the individual/family. We assist in their physical and emotional needs for a short period.

Our vision is to assist families/individuals for a short period of time, and then help the family to sustain themselves again.

Halli Clubs and Leaders

Halli Clubs: 8 – 10-year-old children

Halli Leaders: 11 – 18-year-old chilrem

Our vision is to ensure that we invested in children who want to go out and not just to be the CHANGE but to be leaders, work hard and make a difference.

We want to see children who are prepared to be forerunners for their generation.

Needlework Club

We work to empower women through a sisterhood by teaching them a new skill. We hope that this enables the women to start their own sewing businesses or to be creative at home.

Rehabilitation and caring of animals

We promote the care of animals in our community by educating the owners on the needs of animals and the owners’ responsibilities. We assist owners to sterilize their animals.

We always appreciate any contributions. Visit our website’s Donate page to find out how you can assist us in doing what we do, be it donating or volunteering.

Any Current Specials? We have needlework items on sale that our Needlework Club makes for affordable prices.
Halli Trust logo


Heidi Naude

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