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Glen-Graze is a a rescue, rehabilitation, stabling, and livery yard with a difference. We focus on the divine synergy between animal and human when it comes to rehabilitation, working towards a mutual positive infused goal of “being enough”.

Glen-Graze is a non-competitive livery yard for stabling as well as leasing. It is ideally suited for rescue, retired, and resting horses, both long and short term livery. Situated right outside Somerset West, past Schonenberg Estate.

Our aim is to pair horse and human to build and grow together.

They become a dream team, building character, friendship and trust, and finding the place where both animal and human realize that they are “enough” and “accepted” by their partner in a divine synergy of miracles!


“The eyes are the windows to the soul…”

Here at Glen-Graze we devote our time and energy to transform the depressed, dull, and lifeless eyes to its natural bright and happy glow.

Restoring all animals to good health is our first priority. Secondly, we restore their self-esteem, bringing us to our main mission: Giving animals a life they deserve.

We aim to find the invisible golden thread that connects human and animal. By feeling and embracing it, we invite the change to the new being, validating: “I am enough!”

  • Heal the broken
  • Be a temporary home for the rescued the shunned and the lost
  • Allow the unwanted to feel wanted again
  • Give hope to the hopeless
  • Realign everyone to once again have dignity and self-worth


Address: Main Road, Somerset West (towards Firgrove)



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VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://glen-graze.com/

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