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Generation Schools Somerset West is a private school located in Heritage Park, Somerset West. They offer rich learning environments, with a strong focus on academics, while respecting the individual growth of each learner.

At Generation Schools, they aim to create an environment wherein students are able to freely choose their materials and workspace.

They foster an environment in which students are able to easily move in and out of their classroom space. The outside area is an extension of the classroom environment.

Their students are encouraged to choose where they would like to work and on which piece of material (subject) at their specified time. This means they can focus on their selected subject when it suits them best.

They understand that while one student may comprehend a mathematics equation better in the morning, another may work better on mathematics in the afternoon.

Each learner creates and follows their own individualized learning plan. This ensures that the students receive a holistic approach to their work.

Visit their website to learn more.

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