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I am Erika, the Helderberg area’s distributor of Balance Cape Town‘s artisanal products.

Balance Cape Town is a local business that sells skincare and home fragrance products mainly made from organic pomegranate oil.

Pomegranate is believed to be the only known plant-based source for punicic acid. Punicic acid is good for your skin as well as your immune, hormonal, circulatory and metabolic systems.

Our product range includes anti-aging skincare products, bath salts, baby massage elixir, home perfumes, and more. All our products are ethically created with locally produced pomegranate oil.

Balance Cape Town is a brand with a heart: We support local female-owned business while caring for the environment!

I reside in Strand, but deliver throughout the Helderberg. Contact me if you’d like to try our wonderful products.

Door to Door Delivery? Yes
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Erika Kruger

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