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Cotlands is a registered non-profit organization that focuses on early childhood development with a rich heritage of 84 years of experience in serving young, vulnerable children.

Our vision is to see children thrive in their pre-school years by increasing their access to play-based early learning opportunities.

We provide scalable and cost-effective toy libraries and early learning playgroups targeted at children from birth to six years.

In 2019, we developed an e-learning platform called CotlandsIgnite™ to build skilled capacity in the ECD sector. The platform offers accredited online ECD courses to learners.

Launching the e-learning platform was a major step towards creating universal access to quality pre-school education.

Furthermore, our organization also offers workshops to parents, enabling them to conduct play-based learning and best practice principles in their home environments.

Our Western Cape branch is located in Macassar, on the outskirts of Somerset West. If you would like to support us by signing up as a volunteer, or simply donating, learn more on our website.

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